After moving part of the servers “LiveJournal” in Russia the activities of Roskomnadzora the lock pages intensified: during the day, was blocked 99 accounts and records in the popular service for blogging. It is reported by “the Media” with a link to the registry site “Roskomsvoboda”.

In this case, attempts to access the blocked recordings using the most common methods of bypass of locks, the result is not lead, says “the Media”.

All pages and accounts, blocked December 23rd, stated that the decision was taken at the request of the Prosecutor General. Among the grounds for the decision provided the publication with appeals to mass riots.

Users of “Live journal” drew attention to the disruption of the service on the night of 22 Dec. Anton Nossik, the former head of service of blogs SUP, before the reorganization owning a “Living magazine”, explainedthat the disruption associated with the relocation of servers from California to Moscow.

He points out that the move significantly expands the capabilities of the intelligence services control publications: “In my own criminal case there is correspondence of gumshoes from the administration (LJ), which contains a polite but categorical denial of my personal data, because the request did not contain any legal basis for their disclosure. More reason for such failures is not. Since LJ is now physically hosted in Russia, all confidential information of users of the service available to domestic intelligence in real time.”

He also stresses that this carries a danger to ordinary users of the service: “On other social platforms prosecuted for reposts, retweets and other crimes of thought has mostly been not the masters of doom and opinion leaders, and completely random high school students and freshmen, the fault primarily in the fact that it was easy to calculate”.

Within days after moving servers LJ in Russia ILV blocked almost 100 entries 24.12.2016

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