Four dozen employees “Luchegorsky coal mine” (LUR) in the settlement in Primor’e, on the morning of 11 October began a hunger strike, demanding higher wages and the termination of cuts at the plant, which is part of JSC “far Eastern generating company” (DGK). It is reported by Federation of trade unions of Primorsky Krai (FPPK).

“Now the hungry brought the water and sugar, – stated in the message. – Their associates currently arranging for them overnight – in the evening participants of the hunger strike will remain in the administrative building of the enterprise. All the participants of the hunger strike is the night shift. People continue to come, it is expected that the strike will be joined by those who are closer to the evening after the day shift”.

The employer informed about the protest action of workers, they write the statements: “Forced to declare a hunger strike, as my salary does not allow me to feed my family”, which was registered in the office of the Director of the company. Informed about the situation of DHA in Khabarovsk, said FPPK.

The decision to stage a hunger strike machinists of locomotives, drivers of “BelAZ” and representatives of other professions took after the morning meeting, the Director General Lura with the team. It took place at the end of the meeting, organized by the trade unions Lura and Primorskaya GRES on 8 October in the Central square of the city.

The main requirements of trade Union and termination of staff cuts on the two main enterprises of the village, the increase in wages, which for the year fell by half, as well as the implementation of the branch tariff agreements, according to which coal miners and power engineering are eligible for benefits and guarantees specified in the regional trade Union Federation.

Support of coal miners and Energetikov settlement at the rally came about 600 people, including families with children. “To save the village but we can, of its inhabitants. Say “NO” to the destruction of the city!” – this was the main slogan of the action.

Instead of higher wages protesters offered better work

However, the protesters did not see the expected reaction to their demands. Moreover, at the meeting on 11 October, the Director Lura invited the workers to “consider how to improve productivity”, said the Chairman of the primary trade Union organization of Primorskaya GRES JSC “DGK” LuTEK branch and head of the coordinating Council of the Union of Pozharsky district of the region Sergey Belyakov.

“Of course, this only added fuel to the fire, people are actually not allowed to work and earn, and understand everything that is happening,” he said.

“Our work now makes another company – said the Chairman of the primary trade Union organizations Lura Michael Shkulipa. – Most of its employees are residents of other regions of the country, working in the Primorye territory on a rotational basis”.

According FPPK, Lura 400 employees over the past year, was dismissed from the company. Massive cuts are coming and at Primorskaya GRES: according to the trade Union of the enterprise, to the end of the year only LuTEK from 1,5 thousand workers can reduce about 600, reports “Interfax”.

“The reduction of wages in two times will inevitably lead to a social explosion, – said the Chairman FPPK Vladimir Isakov. – In a situation when jobs in Primorye give residents of other areas, our region is losing the taxes. The government must respond. Correctly in this situation is to support the people of the region, to provide them jobs and the opportunity to earn”.

DHA assures that fulfills all obligations to employees

Meanwhile, the press service of the DHA announced on 10 October that all social obligations to employees of Lura and Lutece are performed and all payments to employees of the enterprises are maintained in accordance with the requirements of the collective agreement.

“In 2016, DHA has sent nearly 12 million roubles for social payments to JSC “luchegorsky coal mine”, – stated in the message. – The company has a number of benefits for the employees: payment of permits in improving children’s camps, payment to mothers of children aged 1.5 to three years and to guardians, additional payment for vacation, allowances, lump sum incentives etc”.

“In addition, to maintain stable operation of the coal mine, the purchase of fuel from AO LUR is even in larger quantities than is necessary for the Primorskaya power plant,” – said in DHA.

The company emphasizes that it is interested in preservation and development of the Lura and Lutaka that are inextricably linked with each other. “Today in Primorye there are no other alternative facilities capable of replace Primorskaya GRES – note in DHA. The station was and remains the largest power facility in the Primorye region, generating a significant portion of electricity consumed by the region. Luchegorsk coal mine is the main supplier of coal to the station, and the company has no plans to change the scheme of delivery of fuel. This means that the company will continue to work together”.

Also, the report says that today the debt of all consumer groups for thermal energy before the company is over six billion, and the company adapts its structure in accordance with the current production task and in a tight tariff regulation is doing everything to keep a team of companies to support their stable operation and fulfillment of social obligations to employees.

DHA, part of the holding “RAO ES of the East”, is the largest participant of energy market in the Far East, produces heat and electricity, provides district heating to the South of the region.

Primorskaya GRES is the largest in the far East thermal plant, it produces half the electricity consumed in the Primorsky Krai, and provides heat energy to the city.

Production capacity LUR currently stands at five million tons of coal per year.

Three months in Russia increased by half the number of labour conflicts

Practice to achieve their demands through hunger strikes became widespread in Russia in recent years. The specialists of the Center for economic and political reforms (CEPR) in the new report stated a two-fold increase over the past three months the number of conflicts related to labour relations, mainly in connection with the delayed salaries. According to estimates, CEPR, for the third quarter of this year recorded 544 cases in 78 regions of the Russian Federation, specifically labor protests – 69.

In the second quarter of 2016 experts of this center counted 263 of such conflict, of which 56 labor protests in 65 regions. In the first quarter, according to CEPR, there were 34 conflict cases and 12 fewer protests. Labor conflicts in the definition of capr is rallies, pickets, strikes due to the deterioration of working conditions, the dissolution of enterprises, layoffs, wage delays.

Workers of a coal mine in Primorye, began a hunger strike due to double reduction of the salary and abbreviations 11.10.2016

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