Rescuers in Yakutia, was found alive 78-year-old man who has solved on foot to cover the distance of 20 kilometers through the taiga in the Srednekolymsk district (the district) in the North-East of the Republic and got lost in a snowstorm, according to the portal with reference to regional service of rescue.

On the evening of 27 September to the rescuers asked worried grandchildren of the elderly man. They said that their grandfather in the afternoon I went on foot from the fishing site “Allara Salalah” to Srednekolymsk, the distance between which is 20 km away. six hours Later the grandfather called his grandson said that he was lost during a snowstorm, and asked him to come forward, and then the connection was lost.

Missing I had to look at the conditions of a strong snowfall and wind. In the end, the grandfather was found about five in the morning the next day. He was greatly exhausted. The snowmobile he was taken to Srednekolymsk and handed over to the medics. Now his life is out of danger, reported in the publication.

Not always lost in the taiga, the Yakut people manage to find so quickly. Earlier this month, in the Mirny district was saved by 38-year-old resident of the village of Diamond, which is held in the forest for 15 days, reported by the rescue service of the Republic.

On 28 August, the man went hunting on an ATV, going by the evening to return home, but that night on the cell phone called his wife and reported that his vehicle broke down and he goes back on foot. On 30 August he again called his wife and said that he was lost.

For searches launched a massive operation, which involved more than 60 people, two Mi-8 helicopter, small airplane, “Chick”, two drones, two glider, 11 quads, six ATVs and a motor boat.

Area ground searches exceeded 1600 square kilometers. In the end, to find the missing was only the evening of 11 September on the river Achchygyy-Botuobuya in a depleted condition and with the latest rifle cartridge – the rest he spent trying unsuccessfully to make a fire in the absence of matches.

The most resonant in recent years has been the story of three girls from the village Olomu Olekminsky area of Yakutia who disappeared in the taiga in July 2014 and found severely emaciated, but alive only on the 12th day of the search.

Her survival was called a miracle. It was reported that, while traveling, the girl ate only berries and grass, but to save her helped the devotion of a puppy who has gone to the forest together with the baby, warmed it a night and returned to the village, which allowed more accurately determine the area of the forest, where she lost the baby.

Yakut rescuers found alive brave grandfather, who decided to go 20 km in the forest in a snowstorm 30.09.2016

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