Yakut pensioners living in a nursing home, appealed to Russian President with a letter in which he complained about inhuman conditions of detention. According to the authors of the message, they are starving and freezing.

On Tuesday, the information about the treatment of pensioners Vladimir Putin appeared on the website of the Yakut Republican Committee of the Communist party. And two days later a report called “the Hungry out of a nursing home appeal to President Putin” came out in the “Real time” in Russian conservative channel “Tsargrad”TV.

In a letter to pensioners complain that they are fed empty porridge without sugar, oil and salt, soup without meat, and give them only two slices of bread a day.

Approval of the channel, the first inhabitants of nursing homes, called “concentration camp of our time”, calmly accepted her fate and even joked: “if Only there was no war.” But every day the portions in the dining room became smaller. This and added the elderly the courage to write a letter to the President of the Russian Federation.

“After Breakfast, immediately painfully begin to wait for the so-called lunch. In the hour of the day, as soon as the bell rings and we all trooped like a flock of sheep, stumbling and pushing, run into the dining room. Many people do not have the patience to eat soup with a spoon eagerly vyklevyvajut directly from the dish over the edge, and what remains at the bottom – a piece of potato or some noodles – swallow one stroke of the spoon”, – reads the statement of the pensioners.

The meal takes less than five minutes. “At heart, ashamed that we turned into animals. Such minutes bear to look each other in the eye,” – said in the appeal to the President.

Fruits, vegetables and meat to the inhabitants of nursing homes have not seen, although nursing homes are said to have even their subsistence farming with goats and pigs. “Almost every day we leave the dining room hungry. Passing by the tank with bread, secretly grab a few pieces and shove into the pockets – so we’re stocking up on something on endless boring evenings… for some reason in the evenings especially want to eat. The men who visited the prison, they say that the food is much better”, – said in the letter.

75% of the pension is withheld on the provision of food and clothing

Theoretically retired, to dull the feeling of hunger, unable to purchase food in the cafeteria. But they have no money: 75% of the pension is withheld to food and clothing. While warm clothing is still not enough, and the elderly dread the onset of winter, which in Yakutia is particularly severe.

“Now walk in the room drafts, and blankets are not warm at all. Mattresses some thin enough that in the morning on the body are imprinted the marks of an iron bed,” write the authors.

Previously they wrote letters to the Prosecutor and social protection, but received no response. Now retired I only hope for the Russian President.

“Mr. Putin, personally invite you to taste our food. Dine, please us! Really looking forward to,” reads the letter.

Seniors are asked to check at the boarding school spent public funds. According to them, the management of the boarding suit in a nearby building feast “for themselves and their guests.” The chiefs also “rest in the resorts and travel abroad”.

The authors of the letter also hinted at the discrimination on national basis. “We previously lived and worked in international teams. And there are few Russian old people are oppressed,” – said in the appeal to the President.

If no violations are discovered, the elderly are willing to come to terms with hard reality. “If all the cases in our boarding school are maintained, we can only accept it and continue to languish, quietly crying into my pillow nights” – is in circulation.

The authors signed a letter fictitious names. They fear that the leadership of the school, after learning about their conversion and will throw the Complainants on the street. Those who wrote the previous complaints disappeared. Rumor has it that they were taken to Tomotsu a mental hospital.

Yakut residents of nursing homes, suffering from hunger, sent a letter to President Putin 04.11.2016

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