A military Mi-8 helicopter, which was used to eliminate the effects of anthrax in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous district (YNAD), made an emergency landing on the Yamal Peninsula, no one was injured, reports TASS citing a source in the emergency services of the region.

“The helicopter involved in the aftermath of anthrax, made an emergency landing. There were no injuries,” – said the Agency interlocutor. In a press-service of the Central military district (CVO) has promised to comment on the incident later.

The incident occurred in the area of Cape Stone. According to”Interfax”, onboard the helicopter there were 17 people – 13 soldiers and four crew members. According to preliminary data, during the hard landing the helicopter was damaged.

July 25 in the Yamal district of YNAO because anthrax was introduced quarantine. At the beginning of August the diagnosis was confirmed in 24 of the reindeer herders and members of their families sent to the district hospital Salekhard from the hearth threat of infection. Just got to hospital 96 of the tundra-dwellers, one ill child died. At this point in the infectious disease Department of Salekhard under the supervision of doctors are 57 patients – 31 children and 26 adults.

According to local authorities, the cause of the outbreak was unusually warm for the far North summer: within one month on the Yamal Peninsula kept the heat waves of 35 degrees. Full-scale operation in combating infection in the region began on August 1. According to the Governor of Yamal Dmitry Kobylkin, to eliminate the consequences of outbreaks is planned for 15 August.

The work involved 280 soldiers and about 30 vehicles. Earlier the defense Ministry reported that for conducting of works on disinfection of the area allocated 30 units of military and special equipment, including planes and helicopters videoconferencing. Previous outbreaks of anthrax on the Yamal Peninsula was recorded in 1941.

Anthrax (malignant carbuncle, anthrax) – especially dangerous infectious disease of agricultural and wild animals of all kinds, and also humans. Characterized by intoxication, development of serous-hemorrhagic inflammation of the skin, lymph nodes and internal organs. Occurs in the skin or septic form in animals occur intestinal and pulmonary forms.

Yamal urgently boarded the helicopter with the military, helping to manage the outbreak of anthrax 12.08.2016

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