The development of “Yandex” birthday Roel John Ronald Tolkien, author of Lord of the rings, added to the online translator Elvish language of Sindarin. To restore one of the ancient languages of middle-earth, a team of service studied Elvish manuscripts.

“Thanks to machine learning technology and magic is possible. Now “Yandex.The interpreter” knows how to be in Elvish, for example, “my precious”. Or Vice versa – translate from Sindarin on any of 66 languages that are available on the service”, – is reported on the page of “Yandex” in the social network “Vkontakte”.

As noted, while translating Elvish and returning only in the web version, to display words on Sindarin used the Tengwar writing system. Translation works in alpha mode. The development team continues to look for carriers Sindarin and any extant inscriptions in this language that would help to improve the translation quality. Note, voice words and expressions on Sindarin yet available.

Sindarin is one of the fictional languages of Tolkien legendarium. The founder of high fantasy developed it on the basis of the Welsh language with elements of old English and old Norse. The name “Sindarin” is translated as “gray language”. They, as written by Tolkien, used mainly by the Sindar elves of the Teleri tribe. By the time of the action of “the Hobbit” and “Lord of the rings” this language was the principal language of the Western elves of middle-earth. The alphabet has 23 letters. Compiled by fans of Tolkien’s dictionaries contain about 1.5 thousand words.

John Tolkien born 3 January 1892 in the Orange Free State, on the territory of modern South Africa. He is known as a writer, linguist, poet, philologist, Professor at Oxford University. A large part of his literary heritage is dedicated to the fictional world called Arda, and part of it is middle-earth. The most famous works – “the Silmarillion”, “Hobbit”, “Lord of the rings”.

We will remind, in November in the Arsenal of the translator Google Translate now has a galactic language from “Star wars”.

“Yandex.Translator” taught to translate into Elvish, “my precious” and “you can’t just pick up and go to Mordor” 16.01.2016

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