In Yekaterinburg , the CPS has introduced restrictive measures due to the spread in the regional center of measles. Wednesday, November 30, at schools and kindergartens ceased to admit students in the absence of documented full course of vaccination against measles and without a history of measles. Also should be suspended from duty employees of educational and medical institutions, not having vaccinations and immunity to infection, and not admitted to a practical training students of the educational and medical colleges and the challenge.

“Restrictions are also imposed on the events, accompanied by a crowd of people in enclosed spaces. Restrictive measures will be in effect until further order of the Federal service for supervision of consumer rights protection and human welfare in Sverdlovsk region”, – stated in the message Department.

In Rospotrebnadzor note that the situation with the incidence of measles in the Yekaterinburg remains tense. From 7 October to 28 November registered 60 cases of suspected measles cases among 39 children and 21 adult. 28 laboratory-confirmed cases, including 20 children. In educational institutions of the city was 11 seats of measles in hospitals – nine.

Within cleans immunization in the Sverdlovsk region 506 vaccinated 39 people, including 16 177 children vaccinated after revising the medical exemptions 1662 people, including children, 1379. Sanitary inspectors say that, despite the tense situation and a broad awareness about the dangers of measles, are refusals of immunization, even among non-immune contacts in foci of the disease. According to the beginning of the week, these objectors were more than 200.

“The CDC reminds citizens that measles is a dangerous infectious viral disease with a high level of susceptibility (index of contagiousness is close to 100%), and measles vaccine is the only way to protect from the disease is among the most effective and safe immunological preparations”, – stated in the message.

“New day” drew attention to the fact that Sverdlovsk “antireligioznik” faced with the refusal to take children to schools and kindergartens, trying to buy a bogus vaccination certificates. According to the newspaper, the cost of this service is 1500 rubles.

Parent forums topic measles caused a real hysteria. Users were divided into several categories: who believes that vaccination is optional and can protect the child from illness, who thinks that this is just the vaccination campaign and measles no no, and diehard “antireligioznik”, which under any pretext not prepared to put the child an injection, the article says.

Most parents, according to reports, the position of the last judge. “Aren’t you afraid that the forgery may then against you play?” they ask categorically-minded mom.

“New day” argues that, in practice, the restrictive measures imposed by Rospotrebnadzorom apply not always, the final decision is left to the heads of schools and kindergartens. In some schools allowed all the children along, the children’s performances at the Ekaterinburg theatres have not been repealed.

Meanwhile, in the Ural state economic University closed food establishments because of insanitary conditions and outbreaks of dysentery.

Recall that the adverse situation with measles developed in the Ural capital at the beginning of October. Then were revealed the first cases of adolescents who became infected with measles during a holiday in camp. In addition to Yekaterinburg, the incidence of measles in the Sverdlovsk region also registered in Revda.

Measles is an acute viral disease with a high level of susceptibility (index of contagiousness is close to 100%), which is characterized by an increase in temperature to 39-40,5 degrees, in the inflammation of the mucous membranes of the oral cavity and upper respiratory tract, conjunctivitis, a characteristic maculopapular rash of the skin, General intoxication of the organism.

Symptoms of measles usually appear 1-2 weeks after infection. Infection strong decline in immunity and complications, including encephalitis, meningitis, pneumonia.

Drug measles are not. The only way to avoid infection is to get vaccinated. Free to be vaccinated against measles in the clinic by place of residence. In Russia, vaccination against measles are children of one year and six years and adults up to 35 years, without a history and not vaccinated against this infection.

Yekaterinburg “antireligioznik” looking for ways to circumvent the restrictions imposed due to measles 30.11.2016

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