Mayor of Yekaterinburg Yevgeny Roizman shared in Facebook ambiguous story happened to him the day before. Returning home that evening, the mayor saved a duck that unknown men caught in the river on the hook. Already home policy covered the anxious thoughts: what if he took dinner from the hungry builders.

Roizman saw “some men with fishing rods” when he returned “from the “Drama” towards the ninth school”. Probably, the mayor of Yekaterinburg were walking along the embankment of the Iset river from the Sverdlovsk state academic drama theatre. “Suddenly a girl with a little boy shouted to me: “look, Look what they do! You can’t!” And I see these woodpeckers caught a duck on the hook and going to put it in a bag”, – says the mayor on his page.

According to Roizman, what he saw bothered him. The mayor notes that a duck in his town trusting and not afraid of people. “Well, anyway, dishonest somehow and hurt. And the boy is also a duck pity, and he was crying,” said the mayor.

Roizman began to demand from men to let go of the duck. “And they are arrogant: “why not?” I said, “no. Go into the woods and nestrelyay how much you need. But not here”. See – I don’t want to let go. I have them in a serious way I say: “Guys, let go”. They are blunt,” writes the mayor.

As a result, Roizman, according to him, started yelling at caught the duck men and to think about “how their way into the water to push” if it comes down to it. “And he already read the headlines in the morning: “the Mayor of Yekaterinburg his teeth in someone else’s duck!”, or “Yevgeny Roizman not split the loot with the workers”, or “the Mayor of Yekaterinburg drowned man in the icy water,” the politician shares their experiences.

Thinking about the possible consequences, Roizman decided to shame the duck hunters. “Guys, well not you ashamed? And if your children were feeding these ducks, came some strange people…” While shame, he almost cried, and they noses have salmivalli. In General, he threw a duck, and it prrrrrrr, flew and even did not say thank you,” says the mayor.

Roizman thanked the duck for giving strangers the freedom and asked them never to catch the city birds. In response men with fishing rods said to the mayor that recognized him. The boy, who witnessed all the proceedings, meanwhile, had stopped crying.

When Roizman came home, the story of the duck was still not bothering him. The mayor thought that men with fishing rods could be a local hungry workers who caught a bird for dinner. “There whole team in the van waiting for they prey to come. I sit now hungry… And these are frozen back, they all rush: “Well, I caught a duck?!” And they answer sadly: “I did. Just past the mayor ran. And took,” writes the mayor, suggesting that he work went to bed sad and hungry.

At the end of the story Roizman admitted that he did not know whether he did. “There’s always a short blanket…” – concluded the mayor.

It should be noted that notes Roizman and duck came out in the press no less striking headlines, than those that arose in the imagination of the mayor. “The mayor of Yekaterinburg saved duck from the hungry workers,” “the Mayor Roizman said about saving the ducks from the unknown “woodpeckers”, “Mayor of Yekaterinburg duck saved from poachers”, “Tears Yevgeny Roizman saved duck from bullies” – write various publications.

Yekaterinburg mayor Roizman saved duck, rastrowa “men with rods” 28.10.2016

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