Yevgeny Mironov, who heads the Theatre of Nations, supported the theme of performances of artistic Director “the Satyricon” Konstantin Raikin at the meeting of the Union of theatrical figures about the “offended groups of people” who consider themselves entitled to disrupt the exhibitions and performances. The actor wondered what to do with the negative phenomenon.

“For me the issue is not the evaluation of performance of Konstantin Raikin at the Congress of STD. Of course, I agree with him and fully share his concern. For me the question is: what do we do?” the letter reads Yevgeny Mironov published on the website of his theater.

“What to do with the ignorance and aggression, number of displays which has grown in quality? In General, the category of quantity in our country in recent years has become too serious argument. And we know that in history there were moments when the support of the majority led to positive and to disastrous results. As for us professionals, to fight and to defend the interests of their comrades in such situations? When we, each from his own angle, something shouted out, nothing good comes out. We often lose. What to do when aggressive ignorant fit in a purely professional activity, trying to discredit the concept of “artist”, “creativity”, “freedom”?” – says artistic Director of “theatre of Nations”.

According to Mironov, to explain what “this” is not pornography, “bathing of a red horse” – not the promotion of homosexuality, and “Lolita” – not a Manifesto of pedophilia, should be in school, and “adults will not explain”.

“It seems to me that one way out: to unite the professional community, some kind of informal body for each art form – his own, which should include people with an impeccable reputation throughout his life of proven competence, have taken the responsibility before the state for large creative teams. And we, as professionals, should do to develop an opinion about cases that someone may seem controversial, because of the ignorance of these people, their excessive excitability, painful sensitiveness or any other subjective factors. Need to society in every sphere of activity have learned to rely on responsible professionals, not for idle fools, clowns and self-appointed guardians of morality” – he suggested.

Recall the outrage Konstantin Raikin increasing state intervention in creative processes and activity of Amateur guardians of morality was shared by many representatives of the creative environment, Vladimir Pozner, Andrey Zvyagintsev, Oleg Tabakov. Censorship spoke the head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov and biker Alexander Zaldostanov (Surgeon). The latest in the Kremlin recommended to apologize for his tone.

After a week of discussion, it became known that the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation promised to support “the Satyricon”, was in dire financial Straits, and Konstantin Raikin and the Minister Vladimir Medinsky has agreed to resolve the issues “without the involvement of the media.” Thereafter, the Agency again stated that they consider the claims of actor and Director are unfounded.

Medinsky: Russia’s theaters are the best available after an antique

Despite the agreement over the collapse of public debate with Raikin, the Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky continued appearances in the media on the topical theme.

The Minister, who is a doctor of historical Sciences, said that he can not name any one epoch over the past couple of thousand years, when the theaters would have enjoyed such freedom in the presence of state funding, as in modern Russia.

“Our theatres are generally unthinkable in the world of rights and freedoms. I honestly don’t know of a precedent, no country in the world and any era over the last couple of thousand years, starting with Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome, when the theatres so enjoyed absolute freedom in the presence of state budget financing”, – quotes Medinsky “Interfax”.

The Minister argues that “this preferential treatment, combined with absolute freedom nowhere”. He also reminded that in difficult economic conditions no one under the institution “was not sequestered”. “We have managed in difficult conditions to maintain the amount of funds to support our institutions, many are getting even bigger,” added Medina.

Yevgeny Mironov spoke out against interference in the work “aggressively ignorant” 31.10.2016

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