Activists of the Revolutionary Communist youth Union (RKSM) held a rally at the entrance to the Metropolitan Museum of Gulag history and installed at the entrance of the effigy with the portrait of the writer Alexander Solzhenitsyn. Next to the image there was a sign with the offensive poem to the address of the writer, which the young Communists call “obayatelen Soviet history.”

“Hanged the traitor here Solzhenitsyn on truth who loved to mock, shameless us browse about the GULAG. He homeland his first enemy! The Gulag Museum work continues and former dissidents blessed. Standing, the two friends embraced tightly,a traitor, and treacherous!” – reads the text of the poem.

In RKSM said that in a recent issue of political repression “bought our government some painful popularity.” “At the initiative of the bourgeois Russian authorities in 2018 called the “year of creativity” by this writer. And this is done not with some heartfelt sympathy for those people, not so huge, as was like to cry who do become victims of the mistakes of the Soviet justice. Such objects – an attempt to cover his own political failure, crackdown and discord in the state,” explained their actions by the Communists.

Press Secretary of the Museum of Gulag history Anna Robaco in conversation with journalists of the TV channel “Rain” has confirmed the incident, adding that it happened on Saturday, 8 October. She added that two young people ran to the Museum and hung on the fence, the Scarecrow, and then disappeared. The Museum security guards shot the Scarecrow in a few minutes. Contact the police the leadership of the Museum did not.

At the Moscow Museum of the Gulag the guys hanged on the gate of the camp stylized effigy Solzhenitsyn – the spiteful anti-Soviet and liar.

Young Communists hanged “an effigy,” Solzhenitsyn at the entrance to the Museum of Gulag history 11.10.2016

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