Amid the resonance of history with the Khabarovsk students-revaderchi that rocks the whole country, animal rights activist Svetlana Lebedeva of St. Petersburg reported that in Lipetsk children away kitten, where they played baseball.

“In Lipetsk in the Central market area on the front of passers-by young bastards tossed into the air a little kitten instead of a ball, holding the stick, beat it like a bat, and were laughing together, how far it will fly away” – she wrote on his page in the social network “Vkontakte” on the evening of 2 November.

According to her, my rescue kitty is bound to two women who took the unfortunate animal from juvenile tormentors, and then handed over to the local protector of animals. As it turned out, the kitten was not acting hind legs and have problems with bladder – urine flows involuntarily constantly, said Lebedev.

In the end, the injured kitten, which was given the nickname the Cartoon, decided to smuggle in one of veterinary clinics of St. Petersburg. Social networks collect money for his treatment.

Young lipchane played baseball kitten, admiring the range of 03.11.2016

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