Nineteen-year-old resident of Kostroma and his minor girlfriend decided to make their romantic date, and set fire to three vehicles and a house. Against the fires the lovers took a selfie, which allow the police to track down the pyromaniac.

“I don’t know, we just decided so. We just don’t think about it, – said the suspect interrogation record which publishes the TV channel “360”.

On Wednesday, a young man and his lady went to the village of Nikolskoye, where they were waiting with a bottle of alcohol comrade. After midnight the company disbanded, and the lovers were drawn to the exploits.

First, the teenager broke the glass at the standing on the side of Gas. Then “sweet couple”, having broken a window, climbed into the parked at the local administration building Mitsubishi Outlander. To get a foreign car failed and caught next Volkswagen Golf. Taking out a lighter, a disgruntled young man torched the instrument panel is resistant to theft “German”. After that, the couple made against the backdrop of the blazing car a few selfies.

“His hands were scratched, and the soul require large forms, and here the eye fell in love brisk “KAMAZ”. However, to burn the heavy machine they failed, not even the pile of papers sent in the gas tank of the truck. On offense, the young man had a ball: sliced tent standing near the van and in the hearts of arson VAZ “six” and “Oka”. The last owner just woke up, so the car didn’t suffer much, you can not say about VAZ-2106″, – stated in the report.

Then romantically minded pyromaniac walked into the entrance of a house to warm up, stole the bike, got it from the village and went to Kostroma by taxi.

At trial, the police learned that this is the second “rendezvous with light” with the beginning of the year. The phones of the detained revealed a selfie on the backdrop of a burning house. It turned out that the lovers are burned two-storey house in which lived 30 people.

An adult arsonist went to jail, and his girlfriend promised “not to go anywhere, stay home and do homework”.

Young lovers from Kostroma burned the house and three cars for an impressive selfie 09.09.2016

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