Teen massacre in a shopping center in Minsk, explained that he wanted to “kill people.” He cooperates with the investigation, answer questions, and when drank 150 grams of vodka for courage, told the Deputy Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Belarus, Alexei Volkov. On the website SK says that the teenager has appointed psychiatric examination. There is also published a frame from a surveillance camera inside the shopping Mall “Europe” – record has helped literally seconds to restore a crime picture.

In the shopping center a young man entered at about 17:20. Behind him was a guitar case, which, as it turned out, was an axe. In his left hand a chainsaw. After about 50 meters, he took the case, put it on the sofa, where he sat two women. When women began to leave, the teenager struck one of them in the back a few strokes opened with a chainsaw. The woman fell, and the guy throwing stalled the chainsaw, took the axe and struck three more blows. The result of his injuries, the woman died on the spot, reports Tut.by.

After that, the teenager with the axe went to the pizzeria which had two shots of one of the attendees. Then, walking down the hall, he was faced with a cleaner. To her he was trying to get into his head, but she dodged, and the blow fell on his hand. When the assailant was moving through the corridors of the centre, constantly harassed from 5 to 15 people who tried to stop him – threw him in bins, chairs. “I would like to Express my gratitude to those people who tried to detain him”, – said the representative of SK of wolves.

He confirmed the information of eyewitnesses, that the offender is detained visitors and sellers of shopping centre. “In the video security personnel we saw. And it will be a private lawsuit,” said Volkov.

The attacker is a 17-year-old student of one of Minsk universities. His family is very wealthy and prosperous, financial problems and difficulties was not. The teenager lived separately from parents in own apartment.

Also UK representative has told about results of interrogation of the attacker. “The intent to commit this crime occurred at the teenager shortly before the attack. In preparation for the murder he bought a chainsaw, axe and remedies when working with a chainsaw – Balaclava, mask, helmet, goggles and headphones”. He said that three hours before the attack drank 150 grams of vodka “for courage”.

His act he explained impatiently: “Wanted to kill people.” According to him, he was irritated by a large crowd of people, anger at himself and “do everything.”

The teenager has also taken the tests – traces of the influence of any narcotic or psychotropic substances not yet identified.

The Department respond that his mental condition raises questions, but any insights will do the experts after carrying out of complex stationary psihologo-psychiatric examination.

The attack in the shopping center “Europe” in the center of Minsk killed 43-year-old woman. 46-year-old woman received two blows from an axe and was admitted to hospital on Sunday, doctors reported that she is in a satisfactory condition. Cleaner center, uvernuvshis from a blow to the head, the hospitalization was not necessary.

Young Minsker explained the massacre in the shopping center by the desire to “chop people” 09.10.2016

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