Australian police arrested a 19-year-old Santa Paul from Melbourne who is suffering from autism and depression, have learned to leave the radio on a closed frequency and within two months have mystified pilots and controllers at Melbourne airport and avalon. Several times he passed distress signals and reports of engine failure at the aircraft, and in one case forced the crew to abort the landing. Radiohooligans faces up to 20 years in prison.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, the suspect was arrested on Monday, November 21. The next day he appeared before the magistrates court, which decided that the young man will go to jail for a week before it will be considered a petition for his release on bail. The young man was charged with four counts of endangering the safety of aircraft and one – on interference in the air traffic control, posing a threat to flight safety.

As it turned out, Sant on the radio spoke directly with the pilots and dispatch points. We are talking about 16 outlets in the broadcast, which took place from September 5 to November 3. One of his messages made a Virgin Australia plane to abort landing.

Lawyer Sex Santa Pernes Haya told the court that his client was diagnosed autism and depression, however, the young man is not taking any medications. “He’s 19, he’s very young. And this is the first time he is behind bars”, – quotes the lawyer of the press.

Air traffic control Melbourne: Man charged with hoax radio calls to … – from @HeraldSun :

Young radio Amateur two months, took over control of the aircraft at Melbourne airport 24.11.2016

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