Police arrested 23-year-old man suspected of assaulting a woman and rape in the British Parliament. The incident in question occurred in the early hours of Friday, reported the Mirror.

According to the newspaper, the attacker was drinking with friends on the terrace of the house of lords on Thursday evening. This terrace, which offers views of the river Thames, located a few meters from the house of Commons and is a popular vacation spot for members, a member of Parliament and guests. Allegedly, the young man together with the victim went to the office located in a neighbouring building. There was a rape.

Police arrested a suspect the next morning. The investigation took detectives from the division of crimes on sexual soil. In comments to the press service of the house of Commons on this occasion said: “We know about the incident on the territory of the Parliament, which investigates the police. The Parliament works closely with the police, leading the investigation, so we can’t comment on what is happening”.

According to The Sun, the first recorded rape in the entire history of the British Parliament made Sam Armstrong, assistant to the Deputy conservator Craig McKinley. The young man and his guests was seen very drunk on the terrace of the house of lords a few hours before the incident. The newspaper claims that the injured woman went with Armstrong to the office of his boss. The next morning, six police officers sealed the crime scene.

Deputy McKinley refuses to comment. Publishing sources say that he was in his constituency, when the rape occurred.

Armstrong had already hit the headlines last year after both were named among a group of young Tory, involved in the scandal, dubbed “featured in the tories”. Then in the County, featured in, which represents McKinley, because of the bullying from peers killed a young activist named Elliot Johnson. In addition, Armstrong was suspended from the Conservative party conference after the failed blackmail of one of the party leaders. The young man rejected all accusations, calling them unfounded and false.

Young tories arrested for rape in the Parliament building 18.10.2016

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