The President of Russia Vladimir Putin, speaking Thursday at a media forum of the Russian popular front (onf) “Truth and justice” in St. Petersburg, commented on the so-called “the Panama document” – a scandal about a network of offshore companies, to which, as the media wrote, involved people from the inner circle of the President.

Putin said that Western partners are accustomed to a monopoly on the global space. “But recent events in Syria have shown the possibility of Russia to solve geopolitical problems. But it does not interest them. And our economy is not their concern that we survived against the odds. They are interested in our unity, they want to set one against the other, to destabilize the situation”, – said the head of state.

According to the Russian President, “the Panama dossier” is a
attempt “to make us more docile and brush us as they want”, says TASS. “The easiest way what? This is to make some kind of distrust within society towards the authorities, state administration bodies, to set one against the other”, – Putin said, adding that the same tactic with glitter was applied during the great Patriotic war. “Today, it is an attempt with unfit means,” he said.

Putin said that a free press is the enemy of power and corruption and criminals
Putin has demanded to stop the activities of a “quasi-collectors,” but acknowledged that debts need vozvrashat

According to the head of the state, a factor of unity of the country annoys the West even more of the Russian economy, which in recent years has become more independent and more self-sufficient, despite the continued dependence on oil and gas. He also stressed that the capabilities of the Armed forces has increased many times and this is illustrated by the example of Russia’s actions in Syria.

“Your humble servant is not there, well, nothing to say”

“All of you journalists got together and know what information product. Now, these offshore companies walked. Your humble servant is not there, well not much to talk about. But a job that is! What did? Made information product. Find friends, something poked and stuck together,” said Putin, quoted by TASS.

“And now it’s in progress. There’s some kind friend of the President of Russia, there he something there did, perhaps it has a corruption component. What? Yes no there is not” – said the head of state.

“And what are behind this, say officials and official bodies of the United States, it is now to us WikiLeaks has shown. What they allow themselves to be rude sometimes publicly, for that we apologized to some administration officials (the President did not specify who exactly and for which he apologized. – Approx., but not because they were ashamed, but because they are smarter than those who did”, – said Putin.

According to the Russian leader, “when the officials of the state Department or the US administration claim some boorish things, it means that they represent themselves as stakeholders”, which is bad for the USA from the point of view of achieving the final result. “And well for us, because we understand who the customer is,” concluded the President.

Recall, on the eve is known for its scandalous revelations of WikiLeaks stated that the United States Agency for international development (USAID) and the Soros Foundation funded an investigation by the Center for the study of corruption and organized crime (OCCRP), the International consortium of investigative journalism (ICIJ) and other organizations on the basis of the leak of the so-called “Panamanian documents” from the company Mossack Fonseca.

The report said that the attack on the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin with the help of the publication “the Panama document” was organized by the OCCRP, directed against Russia and former USSR countries and was funded by USAID and George Soros.

Before the President’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov, stressing that the President is not in the published documents, has called the investigation a”surge”aimed personally against Putin and Russia. Meanwhile, the Prosecutor General’s office said Wednesday that will check the facts stated in “the Panama papers,” a corruption component.

“I am proud of such people as Sergey Pavlovich”

In his comments about the offshore scandal, the President emphasized his close friend, who was accused of creating an “Empire offshore” for 2 billion dollars, cellist Sergei Roldugin.

“Many creative people in Russia, maybe every second, trying to do business, and, as far as I know, Sergey, too”, – said Vladimir Putin. “But what’s his business? He is a minority shareholder in one of our companies there and earn some money, but this is certainly not billions of dollars. Nonsense, there is nothing like it,” continued the President, quoted by “Interfax”.

“I am proud of such people as Sergey, from among its
and in General,” he said. He explained that “almost all money” earned by Roldugin, “he spent on the purchase of musical instruments abroad, and brought them back to Russia.”

Putin pointed to the high cost of these musical instruments, then said: “We always welcome when someone makes something similar, but it goes even further. I know it has been several months engaged in
the design of these musical instruments in the property
state institutions and for many years engaged, not
bulging itself, organization of concerts, promotion of Russian culture at
border, actually pays out of their funds”. “I am proud that I have such friends,” – concluded the head of state.

The results of extensive investigations conducted by the OCCRP, ICIJ and reporters from more than 100 publications around the world on the basis of leakage from the Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca, were made public last Sunday. A significant part of “the Panama document” dedicated to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, including Sergei Roldugin.

The authors investigate, in particular, found that offshore associated with Roldugina, could get money from structures close to the family Arcadia and Igor Rotenberg, and Suleiman Kerimov, and Aleksei Mordashov. According to the journalists, the businessmen make billions of dollars on transactions with shares of Russian state-owned companies, and then invested these funds in the purchase of strategic assets and personal projects.

According to the investigation, an offshore company belonging Roldugina, received hundreds of millions from RCB Bank (the Cyprus “daughter” VTB), which were distributed by other companies. The representative of Arkady Rotenberg on Monday admitted the fact of issuance of loans to offshore companies Roldugin, but called them “commercial transactions”.

Yesterday in Lithuania was published new information on offshore Roldugin. The Lithuanian edition of participated in the investigation about the network of offshore companies, it became known that offshore companies associated with Roldugina, used for the transit of impressive funds accounts in Lithuanian banks.

In the media forum of the Russian popular front “Truth and justice” was attended by over 450 people: journalists of regional media, bloggers, Federal officials. The event takes place in St. Petersburg from 4 to 7 April.

“Your humble servant is not there”, Putin commented “the Panama document” 07.04.2016

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