In investigative management of SK on the Republic of Ingushetia received a request about a call on interrogation of the head of the region Yunus-Bek Yevkurov in the case of the attack on the bus on the border with Chechnya in 2016, writes “Kommersant”. The author of the petition, a lawyer of the international human rights group “Agora” Andrei Sabinin, who is representing three victims.

According to him, the answer will be provided within three days. Human rights activists believe that Yevkurov has information about the identity of the attackers. In June 2016 at the meeting of the presidential Council of the Russian Federation on human rights Yevkurov told human rights activists: “People who attacked your office and on the bus on the track, not the ones you think.” This was told to the edition, the head of the Committee for the prevention of torture Igor Kalyapin. “To my question “who?” he replied that the investigation will understand,” he added.

In addition, Yevkurov said the attackers were just “not from Chechnya.” “Can be sure”, – assured the head of the Republic.

In August 2016 Yevkurov on the TV channel “Rain”, answering the question about the investigation, reported that the attack on the office was not, and was searched. “I came, checked, saw no one, all ran out of there” – the words quoted Yevkurov in the petition. “Obviously, he has information, our alternative” – concludes Kalyapin.

The attack on the journalists occurred in Ingushetia on March 9, 2016. The bus of the joint mobile group of human rights organization “Committee for the prevention of torture” was attacked by a group of masked men who smashed the Windows, beat the passengers, and the vehicle burned. Among the beaten and hospitalized were employees of Russian and foreign media, and most of all suffered Ingush bus driver Bashir Pliev.

According to Plieva, the attackers spoke Russian with a strong accent, calling journalists and human rights defenders supporters of terrorists. In addition, the recordmade at the time of the attack, audible cues in the Chechen language.

According to media reports, the journalists were traveling to Grozny to collect material about the abductions and torture of people in Chechnya. After the attack by gunmen fled toward the border with Chechnya.

The same evening a group of men armed with automatic rifles in masks broke into the office of the Committee in the Ingush settlement Yndar, which at the time was empty.

The incident caused a wide resonance in Russia and abroad. The next day in the Kremlin, called the incident outrageous hooliganism. Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov said that Vladimir Putin ordered the interior Ministry to clarify the circumstances of the incident and give a legal assessment.

The TFR started investigation under articles “impeding the professional activities of journalists”, “Disorderly conduct”, “Deliberate destruction or damage of property committed out of hooliganism by arson” and “Robbery” (part 3 of article 144, part 2 of article 213, article 167 and part 2 of article 162 of the criminal code). However, despite the intervention of the head of state, to identify those who committed this heinous crime, and failed.

In February this year it became known that criminal case was conducted in more than 25 examinations and questioned 150 witnesses, however, the investigation was suspended due to the inability to establish the attackers. The head of Russian foreign Ministry Sergei Lavrov has promisedthat the investigation into the attack continues, then the investigation resumed.

Yunus-Bek Yevkurov want to question him about the attack on the bus with journalists in Ingushetia 16.05.2017

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