Soviet and Russian singer, composer and songwriter Yuri Loza, known for his musicological performances, in particular on the subject of plagiarism, analyzed the situation of conflict the French composer Didier Marouani and Russian singer Philip Kirkorov and ruled that “this PR is needed only Kirkorov” who thought of everything in advance.

“I think that PR is needed only Kirkorov, it was all thought out for them, because he this song has very indirect. He is not the author, so all claims must understand each Marouani and Popkov (Oleg Popkov – the composer, the author of the song “Cruel love”, around which the conflict flared – Approx. Kirkorov has nothing to do with it,” he said in an interview with Business FM Yuri Loza.

“But here a strange situation: Marouani understands that Popkov from him or he from Popkov – somebody someone pulled off a song but the money is at Kirkorov. Such a strange moment, because Popkov has no money, it claims useless, and Kirkorov they theoretically can bring some dividends. Marouani beautifully spanked yesterday, stuck his nose in a certain place and said: “Brother, in Russia, crooks cooler, nothing can butt in here”. Everyone laughed about it. Marouani lit as kid simple,” said the Vine.

In turn, the author of the hit “tough love,” Oleg Popkov said that “finally in the form in which we first time played, the song was completed in 1999. Before it was just sketches, and in 1999 it was already a complete song with arrangement, we in 1999, rehearsed and performed with the group “the Miracle Island”.

“The song is personal to me, it is a derivative of my personal drama, the tragedy, the “Tough love” is my autobiographical story,” – said Popkov.

The composition of the group Space “Symphonic Space Dream”

The song “Cruel love” (author of text and music – Oleg Popkov)

Yuri Loza analyzed the conflict Marouani and Kirkorov: “This PR is needed Kirkorov, all done to them” 30.11.2016

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