Singer and musician Yuri Loza, commenting on his statements about what the Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin could not play, in an interview with Michael on Kozhuhovo “Lentegi”entitled as “Special view Yuri Loza”, continued criticism of the Rolling Stones and turned to the analysis of classical music: according to Vines, the works of composers Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Gioacchino Rossini on 80% consists of self-repetition.

In an interview Yury Loza said his son, Opera singer Oleg Loza, asks him in front of his own performances do not include recording artists: “I always liked people who just intoniruet. I am by nature, fortunately, good to hear, so people who intoniruet well, cause I have respect, ‘ said Vine. – I say, hear, if the person intoning the bad – I feel uncomfortable. My son is in. Let’s say he comes to me and says: “Dad, turn it off, come on you’re not going to listen to music, I have a concert tonight”. And at first I thought this is a pose of some sort. And he Opera baritone. And now I know, after he heard his lessons with students that physiologically he just suffers when singing entertainers”.

Singers and musicians, according to Vines, unconsciously copying someone else’s performance. “So the son: if he listened to Mick Jagger, for example, in the evening he will not sing his Opera,” the musician explained his idea on the example of the singer Rolling Stones.

According to Vines, the Rolling Stones, who “played out of tune”, similar in this respect to “Negro music.” “The Negro, the basis is primarily the rhythm, because blacks were forbidden to play music, so the only thing he (the Negro) could afford to flip the box and start pounding on it. It is connected with equipment tools. No tools – the Negro found the broken guitar, framed her to the drum, made banjo, it turned out he had the tool. Of course, he can’t build mensura, there is no such system, which meant Bach or Beethoven, “tempered clavier” (from”the Well tempered clavier” – a series of works from 49 Bach preludes and fugues for clavier. – Approx he doesn’t know, accordingly, the notes he takes, just wide of the post from the point of view of chromaticism. They are in the middle, “between”. They will be named bluesy tone, and white will start to keep up with them, play as black,” explained Vine.

“The Rolling Stones, because of bad hearing among musicians, also played as Negroes, out of tune, but did the trick. When I say that Keith Richards is not a guitar to set his reproach whole life, and he even came up with the answer like this (I know, read the biography): “my guitar is so sad how much I need it”. You know? Here you find the excuse: I just sing, so I hear, so I forged under the Negroes, that I don’t get into the music,” said Loza.

“If you take Indian music, it’s all about the same, she is Indian. Because used set of tools dictates a certain style of play,” explained Vine. Same goes with “black music”, which try to imitate the Europeans.

The Russian musician did not agree with the thesis that good music has no nationality. “It matters,” said Yury Loza. “Mozart is a European composer, it is absolutely national. Take the Mozart highlights, there, “Fortieth Symphony”… 80% of Mozart is a self – repetition. This is what the experts say, not me. Mozart is 20% original, very beautiful, ingenious works. The rest he himself (repeats). Rossini’s the same, it’s “citation” is called, that is, we find some techniques and use them”.

In addition, according to Vines, the musicians of the Rolling Stones, left to themselves, not evolved since the 1960’s, unlike the members of The Beatles who got into good hands: “the Beatles as people who have developed very fast and were in very good hands by George Martin, was an autodidact. For example, groups who lived by themselves, remained at the same level. Take Rolling of 1963 and the Rolling year 1993 are one and the same team. The Beatles changed drastically in the five years from 1962 to 1967 there was a revolution in consciousness…”

According to Vines, The Beatles in the process of evolution “absorbed and Russian music”, however, the interviewer gave the Vine to develop this thesis.

“There is a need in the scandal, they all need to Express themselves,” explained Vine causes ridicule in social networks over its performances in the program Zakhar Prilepin “Salt” on TV channel REN TV, where he criticizes the British rock group Led Zeppelin, T. Rex and The Rolling Stones.

The mechanism of news distribution in social networks he described as: “any dishonest journalist”, according to the musician, “neutering a phrase or gives a General summary of my (performances): Vine said that Led Zeppelin are the shit. The Horde of his followers, friends, perapective, not trying to figure out where and when you said,” said Vine.

The criticism of Andrey Makarevich, which responded to the broadcast of the program “Salt” in Facebook with the phrase “Here’s the problem. And Yura all our able – only nobody fuck do not need,” Vine said: “What difference does it make that there says Andrey Makarevich. There were some lines that should never be crossed. Not to get personal and insult, say, or to discuss the work of each other. So when he says “who do you fucking need”, first of all, this Mat is dirty, and secondly, not for you to judge,” said Vine.

“Andrey Makarevich… at the time said that my colleagues have become worms – before…” – recalled the story of the Vine with the song Andrei Makarevich 2015 about “ex-brothers”, “obediently become worms”. “He long ago took it upon myself outside the whole of our musical community,” said Vine.

Vine “Vkontakte”: “Before poop to throw, it would be necessary to connect the firebrand”

“I was banned on Facebook for a period of seven days, – said Yuriy Loza on his page in the social network “Vkontakte”. – Banned just at the moment when the Internet came an unimaginable sensation about my statements in the program “Salt” on REN TV. And so in the morning I go letters and phone calls from adequate and thoughtful people with a question – why I do not respond to criticism? My friends, there is no criticism, for it discusses not my words, but all nonsense, published by people having no idea about what I actually said. For example, one of the simplest asserts: “the Vine said that “led Zeppelin” – shit,” just does not explain where he got it. Well what am I supposed to prove? He’s an idiot? So it is visible to the naked eye, since it replicates any untested rubbish”.

“Well, quite funny to argue with aggressive idiots, starting with the question “who are you?” Well, what can you say to someone who is not able to use the Internet? Because if he had, we would have won in any search engine my name and found out who I am and what I am. But because I read all sorts of different insults in the address and think, dear man, before the poop to throw, it would be necessary to connect the head- after all, you can not get, but the hands will still smell bad. Only does this moron explain that?” – posted Vines in society.

Yuri Loza explained than singing Mick Jagger is dangerous for Opera singers, and was criticized by Mozart and Rossini for the repeats 29.03.2016

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