The self-proclaimed head of the Donetsk national Republic (DND) Alexander Zakharchenko gave on Friday, March 3, a press-conference on which has declared that units of the Armed forces of Ukraine on the eve blocked the exit of private vehicles from the territory of the DNR on two roads to Mariupol and the town of Kurakhovo in the Maryinsky district, Donetsk region. In response, he announced a blockade of Kiev.

“Yesterday, they blocked the road to Mariupol and the road to Kurakhovo, this is a car blockade began. Soon Kyiv will play the game, that people can not go” – quoted Zakharchenko , “Interfax”.

About this threat was mentioned in the advertised the unrecognized republics of the Donbass ultimatum, where they talked about the radicals who at the direction of Kiev has blocked the railway tracks and threatened blockade of highways leading from DPR-controlled areas of the Donbass to Ukraine.

Zakharchenko also stated that Donbas residents have learned to live under siege by the Ukrainian security forces and now the DNI announces the blockade of Kiev. “We cut all ties with Ukraine, which are fighting. Yes, sold the coal to get money to pay salaries here. But due to the fact that we have learned to live under siege, we are announcing a blockade of Ukraine” (to quote the website “news Donetsk Republic”).

The Donetsk news Agency quotes another quote from the press conference: “We need Ukraine to survive and live normally, not needed. We needed her. Let them cover everything: the highway, railway, mine field. Is that the Ukraine is able. They 2014 learned to ride on the Maidan, and now let them learn to live without light, heat, and soon, without food, without pay and without pensions,” – said Zakharchenko.

In late January, former participants of military operations in the Donbass was blocked by freight rail traffic Yasinovataya – Konstantinovka. Yasinovataya is under the control of separatists, the Russian military – under the control of Kiev. The blockade is supported by the MPs Yegor Sobolev, semen Semenchenko of the opposition faction “Self-help”. According to them, trade with DND and LNR illegal, and the transport of goods are smuggled. The blockade has led to shortages of anthracite coal, and the government of Ukraine was forced to introduce emergency measures in the energy sector with the aim of saving resources.

Zakharchenko announced the “end of the Ukrainian jurisdiction” in the DNR

In the breakaway republics of Donbass has announced that if the blockade is not lifted, then they will introduce external management at the Ukrainian enterprises of the Republic, that was done on March 1, at the expiration of the ultimatum.

At the press conference discussed how the “nationalization” of enterprises. Zakharchenko said that the introduction of external management at the enterprises of the Ukrainian jurisdiction in the DNR there have been cases of sabotage: “Sabotage is, but these cases are not critical. Thanks to a clear coordinated actions of the cases is minimized. There were cases of sabotage – DTEK (DTEK Donetskoblenergo) the removal of equipment, but these cases are not critical”.

Answering a question addressed to him, the Ukrainian oligarchs after the “nationalization,” Zakharchenko said: “the End of Ukrainian jurisdiction on our territory”.

He noted that “the introduction of external administration due to the fact that taxes paid in Ukraine.” “We have a lot of social programs, we need money. We are at war, the country should develop. They imposed a blockade, Poroshenko secretly introduced her to weaken the oligarchs, and bled the country” (quoted by “News Donetsk Republic”).

Care of the payment of wages to employees of the nationalized enterprises was undertaken by a special staff. As reported by its member Olga Pozdnyakova, the main task – to protect the rights of workers. “We strive to establish a constructive dialogue with labor groups, to remove the tension that inevitably arises in such situations,” – said Pozdnyakov.

The staff includes 38 people, including representatives of labor collectives, the relevant trade Union organizations. Control is one company, they daily report on the situation on them.

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko called the nationalization of enterprises proof of “Russian occupation” and the press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov spoke in defense of the actions of the breakaway republics: “To what extent can we understand the actions taken by the leadership of these regions. We are talking about the lives of several million people. People need to survive.”

Yesterday, March 2, Petro Poroshenko held telephone talks with Vladimir Putin. “There were exchange of opinions and the expression of mutual concerns in connection with escalation of tension” – succinctly recounted the essence of the talks in the Kremlin, adding that there were several. Earlier in the Kremlin said that the transport blockade from Kiev increases the tension in the region and postpones the implementation of the Minsk agreements.

Zakharchenko “cut off all ties with Ukraine” for the residents of Donetsk region 03.03.2017

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