The official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova accused the Russian service of the BBC in an unsuccessful attempt to compromise the broadcaster RT in connection with a story about the threat of closing her accounts in the British Bank NatWest. So she described which was released on 21 October, the Russian service of BBC “What do we know about Russia Today TV UK LTd”, which gathered information about the British supplier of RT, the name of which the TV station tried to hide at first.

“The story of the closure of RT in the UK ceases to be weary. It’s starting to smell and nothing else, but bi-Bi-si”, – wrote the representative of the foreign Ministry on his page in Facebook. “And that, as in the nursery rhyme about Brother Rabbit: “If you close the Fox’s tail, then close Liska,” – quoted Zakharova the Rabbit song from “Tales of uncle Remus” by Joel Harris in the treatment of Mikhail Gershenzon. (Spelling and punctuation of the author saved here and hereafter. – Approx.

“It took a Russian-speaking daughter of the horn of Her Majesty, in just a day “nacopa” on Russian TV channel… and nothing nacopa. It happens: dug, dug and not dug. Great stuff and nothing. Why? And osadochek remained”, – wrote the representative of the Russian foreign Ministry.

“Russian service Bi-Bi-si. good luck. She is now required because the excavation – such a thing exciting and unpredictable” – concluded Zakharov.

At the beginning of October in the program “Right to know”, aired on the TV channel “TV Center”, Zakharov called the TV channel RT direct competitor to Western television, including the BBC. “What does RT, is a breakthrough from the point of view of what in the global information space there’s an alternative source of alternative information. I’m not saying that 100% objective, but there are some other opinion different from BBC, CNN and FOX,” said she.

The BBC Russian service first saidthat the letter about the closure of the accounts was addressed not to the Russian international channel and the supplier – Russia Today TV UK LTd, whose name was filled in copy of the letter from the Bank, published RT. On TV claim that it is not one of several, as the sole provider and the decision on the closing of the Russia Today TV UK Ltd means the suspension of all banking operations RT in the country.

What “dug” BBC: the volume of funds on the account of the company, headed by the aloof Brit, has increased seven times through loans

BBC Russian service has expressed interest in the “shaded” and gathered information about Russia Today TV UK Ltd on open sources. The legal address of the company is a small two-storey house in a small English town Berkhamsted and mailing address skyscraper Millbank on the river Thames in London, near the British Parliament. Judging by the ads, the cost of renting this office center is 350 pounds (about 28 500 rubles a dollar or 454) to £ 995 (81 000 or $ 1,290) per seat per month.

Russia Today TV UK Ltd is headed by 52-year-old British citizen Christopher wood, who worked at Professional Television Services Limited and led her in 1998. This company provides services in the production of television programs and registered at the same legal address as the Russia Today TV UK Ltd. To communicate with journalists, wood refused.

According to the accounting report Russia Today TV UK Ltd for the last financial year (dated by July 2015), the amount of funds on account of the company for the year increased by seven times. In July 2014, they amounted to 486 thousand pounds (37 196 000), and by July 2015 – 3 320 000 pounds (slightly more than 250 million rubles). While payables of the company increased by the same amount. This means that the funds on account of Russia Today TV UK Ltd has appeared mostly through loans, not profit – at the end of July 2015, the net profit of the company amounted to only 118 thousand pounds, concludes the BBC.

The article also clarifies the possible essence of the claims Royal Bank of Scotland the service channel Bank with NatWest regarding its compliance rule “know your customer”. In the leadership of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), the financial regulatory body in the UK to counter financial crime, says that the firm needs to obtain information about the nature of the business and personality of your client and adequately assess associated risks information.

Separately, the document mentions a situation where the risk of money laundering associated with the business relations of the client increases and the need arises to carry out additional checks – for example, in the case where the client is a “politically exposed person” (Politically Exposed Person, PEP).

By “politically exposed person” means a client that has important public functions, and – given his position and influence – potentially represents a higher risk of corruption. Finally, if the firm cannot conduct a proper inspection of the client or not sure who the beneficial owner is a company, such business relationship must be terminated.

The situation is confused by contradictory statements by the leadership of RT. Chief editor of the channel Margarita Simonyan first announced the closure of the accounts of the TV channel in the Bank NatWest, and later said that “account is not locked and closed”. Information about the closure of the accounts denied the group The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), which includes the NatWest Bank.

Although the Bank may still refuse client, it is likely that the decision will be cancelled. Now this issue is pending chief Executive officer Royal Bank of Scotland Ross McEwan.

Zakharova accused the Russian service of the BBC in an unsuccessful attempt to discredit RT 21.10.2016

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