The permanent leader of the Communist party and head of the Communist faction in the State Duma of the Russian Federation Gennady Zyuganov has declared that “the Union of oligarchs, anti-Soviet and Russophobic Zhirinovsky navelina is the main risk” for Russia, reports “Interfax”.

“The country needs a new socio-economic policy, – he said at a press conference on 18 may on the upcoming reporting-election Congress of the Communist party. – Offer leadership to form a unified team out of the crisis”.

Zyuganov also announced that at the Congress of the planned changes in the Executive structures of the party ahead of the elections in the constituent entities of the Russian Federation this year and presidential next. According to him, elections will be held in difficult conditions, taking into account the socio-economic situation in Russia.

While Zyuganov spoke out against the participation of women in the elections of the President of Russia in 2018. “I am very good to women, – quotes its RIA “Novosti”. But in conditions of war, sanctions, in a systemic crisis, I would still would be a woman. Because this post requires working seven days a week minimum 15 hours a day”. While Zyuganov has underlined that does not detract from the talents of the fair sex, the Agency said.

Earlier in the Kremlin, commenting on the possible nomination of women as candidates in presidents of the Russian Federation on the election of 2018, referred to the Constitution, according to which the sex of the candidate plays no role. President Vladimir Putin during a direct line in April 2016, did not rule out that someday the head of Russia can stand up woman.

However, polls show that over the past year significantly decreased the number of Russians who approve of the participation of women in political activities and want the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity occupied the highest public office on an equal basis with men, including the President.

Zyuganov: “the Union of oligarchs, anti-Soviet and Russophobic Zhirinovsky navelina is the main danger for the country” 19.05.2017

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